LIFEWAYS - Balance Healing Purpose
I have come 
so that you might 
have life and have it more abundantly.
John 10:10
Sue Galick, M.P.S.
Life Coach/Wellness Counselor
Emotional Freedom Technique
Expressive Arts Exercises
Inner Child Work
Welcome to LIFEWAYS Center! I will work with you to help you find relief from distressing feelings such as anxiety, depression, and anger using Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT can also help with fears, phobias, trauma, weight issues, food cravings, and pain. EFT also promotes personal development. 
I also use Expressive Arts exercises with Journaling to help in dealing with stressful feelings, complex life issues, and physical health conditions. I have also created the Body/Mind/Spirit Wellness Assessment to help you learn more about your level of wellness. I offer this in a free eBook, or as a video which can be purchased on my website, or as a personal office or phone consultation. 
I will help you build your strengths to help you find balance, direction, and purpose in your life. I offer appointments in my office, as well as by phone.
I wish you Blessings and success on your journey toward wholeness! 
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