LIFEWAYS - Balance Healing Purpose
Making a Vision Board 
Do you have a dream? Are you New Years resolutions just a memory? Have your life plans not taken shape the way you had hoped? Do you feel stuck in life? Try creating a Vision Board. The process of creating a vision board can give you help with clarifying what is really important to you. It can help you better understand what you really want, and which direction will bring peace and joy. Making a vision board can be a form of "Ignation discernment," which can be used in the prayer and discernment process when making important decisions.
Create a focus statement for your vision board to help you stay on track. Spend a few minutes every day mediating on your vision board to stay inspired and keep yourself on track while you are waiting for your goal to take shape. You can even create a different vision board for every area of your life. 
We will use simple materials, such as magazines, paper backing, and markers. You are encouraged to bring in a poster board, your own favorite photos, and inspiring holy cards to personalize your vision board. Create your own vision board to bring home with you!
One and one half hour Session: $25
Contact Sue at [email protected].
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